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On a site photos more than 200 models of cars on the scale of 1/43, having or having an accessory to law-enforcement bodies (militia, ORUD-GAI-GIBDD, traffic police, , OMON etc.) are presented Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. In the given collection, besides the models made industrially, many scale copies are executed in the limited quantity of copies, and some – in the single copy.

My collection. It is structured according to factory marks of manufacturers of cars. For convenience of navigation in corresponding subsections of manufacturers of vehicles along with photos of scale cars photos of prototypes (originals) of militian cars with their description and some technical characteristics are placed. Besides, the scale cars presented to collections are located according to their accessory to certain type (automobile, cargo, buses) and, at presence, to family. Also with a view of choice optimisation function of simultaneous viewing of all types of models of one factory mark is provided.

All updates range covered in the Collection news.

I wish to express sincere gratitude to the known Moscow collector and the historian of the Russian motor industry Igor Denisovets for constructive offers and the councils, the given possibility of use of data and site materials www.denisovets.narod.ru, and also to all participants of an Internet forum RC-Forum for interesting photos of prototypes of militian motor vehicles from personal archives.

Special thanks want to express a model laboratory AVM-m for the invaluable assistance in the collection, as well as production scale models of high degree of quality and development.

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Thank you! Happy viewing!

Sincerely, Alexey.

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